Shadowlawn Gourmet Breakfast                                         See Pictures Below 

We are able to accommodate several types of Specialized Diets. 
Special Diets may require an extra fee and advanced notice.  Please email ahead with questions or requests. 
The diets we can prepare are diabetic, macrobiotic, organic, vegan, vegetarian, Atkins, Paleo, GAPS,  

specified medical diet, low or no fat added and low salt or no salt added. 

Food Quality of the Shadowlawn Breakfast: 
Our meals are of the utmost quality food, prepared with the freshest, healthiest ingredients, 
thus yielding the finest flavor, appearance and texture.
*We use real butter and healthy oils - no added "fake oils," hydrogenated oils or trans fats. 
*We use Organic Eggs when available. 
*We do not use aluminum cookware. 
*We use gas heat for cooking and never use a microwave. 

Special Menu Options 
*Guests may enjoy Coffee Station in the Kitchen before breakfast. 
*Breakfast is served (at your requested time) between 8:00 and 9:30 a,m, 
*Your Breakfast will be a Shadowlawn Gourmet Breakfast planned especially for you. 
      served seated in the Formal Dining Room on Antique or Vintage Dishes and Silverplated   

     Chargers with Cloth Napkins in Victorian Napkin Rings and Sterling Utensils with Crystal  


Surely a breakfast to experience!!!  Our servings are so generous our guests find they do not want lunch!


Example Menus    Fresh items depend on availability

*Menu 1

      Apple Crisp
      Breakfast Monte Christo Sandwich ~ Mmm!!!    Our most requested breakfast! 
            Shadowlawn's Signature Version…
            Beef Salami, Provolone Cheese, Turkey Slices & Cheddar Cheese
            placed between Bread Slices, 
            dipped in Egg Mixture and Grilled,
            then sprinkled with Powdered Sugar 
            and served with Fruit Preserves or Maple Syrup
      Orange Juice and Coffee or Tea, regular or decaf

*Menu 2

      Fruit Parfait ~ like my Grandmother made :)
      Croque Madame, Y'all ~ What a Treat!!! 
          Our Southern Version of the French Classic…
            Starting with a ladle full of herbed béchamel sauce 
            poured on the bottom layer of our "melt in your mouth" biscuit or scone, 
            we add a grilled sausage patty and a layer of our softly scrambled eggs, 
            more béchamel sauce and we finish with the top of the biscuit.  A Scone Tower!
      Orange Juice and Coffee or Tea, regular or decaf

*Menu 3 
      Almond Stewed Peaches 
      Breakfast Stratas ~   

      Choice of:
           Ham and Swiss Bake, 

           Spinach Souffle,

           Sausage Souffle,

           Hash Browns and Turkey

     Orange Juice and Coffee or Tea, regular or decaf

*Menu 4 
      Strawberry Soup
      Bananas Foster over French Toast. ~ 
            Two pieces of French Toast, grilled and smothered
            with Bananas Foster. 
      Orange Juice and Coffee or Tea, regular or decaf

*Menu 5 
      Seasonal Fresh Fruit Cup 
      Fried Tomatoes with Gravy over Cheese Grits ~ 
            Fried seasonal tomatoes over a bed of cheese grits
            drizzled with tomato gravy. 
      Southern Buttermilk Biscuits
      Orange Juice and Coffee or Tea, regular or decaf

*Menu 6  ... Paleo Diets
      Breakfast Kielbasa over Cauliflower 
             Kielbasa Sauteed in Caramelized Onions 
             served over chunky mashed caufiflower 

      Orange Juice and Coffee or Tea, regular or decaf

*Menu 7

      Chilled Peach or Apricot Soup
      Pecan Praline Strata ~ 
             Our version of a breakfast bread pudding with a fabulous pecan praline topping!
             Lots of pecans!  It puffs up over the remekin and looks gorgeous! 
      Orange Juice and Coffee or Tea, regular or decaf


Strawberry Soup

Cantaloupe Boat

Kiwi and Blueberries

Peach Soup

Bridesmaids' Luncheon

Breakfast Full Table

Pink Bridesmaids' Luncheon

 Breakfast in Bed Dogs     Breakfast in Bed Frogs

Breakfast Ambrosia

Blueberry Soup




Shrimp and Grits

Example of Wine and Cheese Tray