Shadowlawn Bed & Breakfast Columbus, MS 39701.
Street address is 1024 College Street.
Phone 662-327-5655 or, if no answer, 662-425-2831.

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Directions to Shadowlawn
If you are traveling
West (from Alabama) or East (from Starkville) or
North (from Brooksville) or South (from Aberdeen) on Hwy. 45,
you will be coming in on Highway 82.
Take the Downtown Columbus - Main Street - MUW exit.
If you are traveling West, you will take the ramp to the right and turn left at the end of the ramp.
f you are traveling from the East, you will take the ramp to the right onto Main Street.
This will take you around a sharp left curve and past Harvey's on the right,
then up a small hill past J. Broussards, on the left.
Proceed on Main Street to 11th Street.
Turn right (South) and go to the first corner.
Shadowlawn is the Greek Revival Home on the far right corner.
Go straight through that intersection and park in the driveway or on 11th Street.

Safe Travels!


"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers for thereby
some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2
Shadowlawn is Christian Owned and Operated
Beautifully Restored in 2001
Shadowlawn Bed & Breakfast, ca 1848
662-425-2831 cell

Bed & Breakfast Columbus, MS
Columbus, MS Bed & Breakfast Inn